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Meet the BeamBots -

The BeamBots is an NFT collection of 444 uniquely generated hand drawn robots and are among the first NFTs to be minted on the BEAM blockchain. BeamBots NFTs have all the needed elements for several NFT-based activities like play-to-games, digital-identities, and DeFi use cases.

We chose not to draw a fancy road map at such an early stage but rather let the future DAO affect such decisions.

BB models.png

The BeamBots tokens ($BB) is a confidential asset on the Beam blockchain. Initial utility will be to award $BB token holders governance power in the BeamBots DAO. We envision additional utilities and functionalities for the $BB token, such as incentivizing users to actively vote on the BeamX DAO, staking $BB tokens on BeamX DAPPs to gain discounts, revenue-sharing in the BeamBots NFT ecosystem and more. All such additional functionalities and Future development will be suggested and voted upon on the BeamBots DAO.

BB -bx.png
BB coin.png

Why build on Beam?

Beam offers industry-leading blockchain confidentiality, achieved by implementing several privacy protocols such as Dandelion, Mimblewimble & Lelantus. Beam’s privacy, usability and loyal community make it one of the best ecosystems to trade confidential NFTs. 
Beam solves some of the biggest issues associated with traditional NFTs through the implementation of confidential NFTs, meaning all NFT transaction metadata, such as sender/receiver wallets, transaction time & contents are private-by-default. Private owners and collectors can use the Beam ecosystem to store confidential NFT;  and in the future NFTs can be bridged to various blockchains for cross-chain trading.

Our vision for the BeamBots brand is infinite.

We believe that human destiny will be decided at the frontiers of technological innovation and human collaboration, and we hope to set an example to the informing ecosystem of what we can accomplish, by building an organizational form that protects self-sovereignty - where participants are always free to choose between participating or exiting and have total control over their privacy and information - BeamBots is a fight for Privacy and Freedom!


The 6 commandments of BeamBots:

BB b.png

Check out our Twitter and Telegram group for updates, surprises, and discussions.


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