Meet the BeamBots - The defenders of the BeamVerse and its inhabitants.


A few years after the "The Metaverse Dismantle," the BeamBots protectors are distributed across the entire universe. They are frightened, vigilant, but stronger and united than ever, full of hope that one day the freedom and privacy of humans will be back to our globe, to our BeamVerse, to our homes...

BeamBots protectors are among the first NFTs to be minted on the BEAM blockchain. By owning a BeamBots protector you commit to defend the BeamVerse inhabitants and fights to see a world of justice & freedom.

We are the BeamBots protectors, committed and dedicated to protect the BeamVerse from invasion, to protect anyone who cares about privacy and help to bring privacy back to people, from the developers who build anonymous platforms, to the people who help design and achieve financial and social privacy.


Your unique BeamBot protector

You can now be one of the first humans who take into your house and soul a unique, one-of-a-kind BeamBots protector. Only 444 of them are still fully operational, no more of this line will ever be manufactured since they were destroyed by the corrupt governments and corporations.

No more will ever be created. 

Our vision for the BeamBots protectors brand is infinite.
Our first mission is to bring privacy to the people. We shall not rest until we will achieve it.

Join the resistance to make sure the rebellion will not die - help us to protect the BeamVerse inhabitants.

Check out our Twitter and Telegram group for updates, surprises, and discussions.


We swear to protect:





Privacy Fans

Privacy Fans

BEAM Cyberhorses

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BEAM Punks

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BEAM Horses

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Pixelated BeamGirl 

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Zeam Dog

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